Lovely Squirrel family spotted building a nest and napping together outside man’s window…


So adorable! Squirrels are favorite animals. ❤❤❤

Life is full of surprise encounters and you will [never] know how far some simple stuff can lead you to go.

How lucky is HE❤
When Ludwig C. Timm saw several twigs outside his bathroom window, A family of squirrels was there, building a nest right on his windowsill.
It was also a nice chance for him (and for us all) to get to know more about the interesting life of these adorable furry critters.
So, Timm quickly decided to seize the opportunity and started filming their everyday life in the hope of capturing more delightful moments.
It’s a very nice coincidence, He got to see the squirrels grow up.

One day, the man finally found the special moment that he had been longing for the whole time: Timm saw the three of them napping lovingly and cozily together, right next to his window door.

Timm happily shared: Normally they’re inside the nest, but it was hot that day, so they slept where I could see them.

Families, mom loves her children just as we do. Some times not a lot of difference between Animals and humans except Animals are a lot more truthful and honest then we are. This is sweet and adorable💕💕💕❤❤❤.

H/T: The Dodo


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