Lifeless Dog Rescued From Sweltering Car By Man With Axe


Many people were standing nearby, but no one was doing anything until the man with the axe arrived.

When Bill Morris saw a ‘lifeless’ Yorkie in a hot car, he knew he couldn’t wait for the police to arrive. If any more time passed, the little dog might not have survived, and you have act fast if it’s a matter of life and death.

Morris knew that no dog should be left in such cruel conditions. So, he grabbed an axe and used it to break the window in a quick rescue. It was a risky mission, but the Yorkie’s life came first in this situation.

Morris had been on his way to purchase a new vacuum when he came across the dog in danger. Samantha Harvey and her husband Eddie pointed out the Yorkie to Morris. When he got a better look in the car, he saw that the dog looked like he was only minutes away from death. Many people were standing nearby, but no one was doing anything.

Man Breaks Car Window

The Yorkie was clearly distressed. He was on his side, heavily panting with his eyes closed. Morris first called the police, but he was on hold for a long time. He knew by the time someone answered, it would be too late.

So, Morris grabbed an axe from his car while someone else stayed on the line with the police. Samantha took a video of the entire situation as a witness.

Yorkie Rescued From Hot Car

Morris hit the window of the car eight times before it finally shattered. He made sure to hit the front window while the dog was in the back so the glass wouldn’t hit the dog. Then, he grabbed the dog by the leash to help pull him to safety. Thanks to Morris’ quick thinking, the little Yorkie was free.

There were two officers nearby, so Morris alerted them of what he had done. Their concern was only focused on the dog, not on the broken window, which was a relief. Luckily, the dog was still alive, so the officers rushed him to the vet to further assess his health.

Yorkie Outside Hot Car

Soon after, the owner of the car returned with her young daughter. Morris said she seemed shocked, but not at all emotional over the dog. She then proceeded to say that she was sorry and that she didn’t know what she was thinking.

Given the owner a warning is no punishment, she should have been charged with endangering that poor dog in the hot car.

Thank you for saving this dogs life.May the Good Lord bless you and your family.

Watch Amazing Rescue In The Video Bellow:


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