Kitten Born Very Special Gives Cuddles to Everyone She Meets


She just wants to be loved and cuddled..

A kitten came nearby shelter for a chance of a good life. She was born quite different and is quite a cuddly creature.

An 8-month-old cat named Zara was brought to Fix’Em Clinic in Charleston, West Virginia for her spay operation. The vet found her respiratory issues, and first determined that she had to be treated by a specialist.

They contacted the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (IBKC), a local rescue agency in Charleston, for assistance. Little Zara was abandoned because her family was unable to obtain the medical attention she needed to survive.

The rescue took her in with open arms. She was taken to a local vet for an exam. It was quickly determined that we needed an MRI for intensive diagnosis and possible treatment.

After a couple of days, they found the solution for the little feline.

Zara has sight and can breathe normally on her right side. She has no left side nasal passage and one cannot be created for her. Her left eye did not develop. Her brain is asymmetrical but protected. No surgery is required.

The condition is known to be congenital.

The one-eyed cat is the loveliest when she is snuggling with a friend. She never cries when she’s given medicine for her ear infection, and she always ensures no one feels alone in the room.

Despite her medical issues, Zara has the sweetest temperament and craves to be held and loved: Kathy said.

Knowing how much the kitten wants to be cuddled, her veterinarian held her in her arms while examining her heart and lungs.

In a few more weeks, this little baby is going to be able to search for a place to call it its own. Zara keeps making strides every day, touching people’s hearts with her grace, both inside and outside.
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