It’s Officially In VA To Leave A Dog Ch.ai_ned Out In The Cold


Another win for dogs!
We don’t care what type of dog you have, ours are considered part of our family. You don’t leave any of your family outside

Animal advocates around the country will be happy to hear that the cru_el act of keeping a dog ch.ai_ned outside in cold weather is now i.lle_gal in Virginia. With frigid temperatures upon us, this law has passed just in time!

Around the country, there are dogs that spend the majority of their days on a in their backyard without adequate shelter.

chained dog law

Not only is an outdoor life hard enough for a pup to process, but it can even be deadly when temperatures drop below freezing. Exposure to freezing temperatures without adequate shelter can cause their water sources to freeze, increased risk of hypothermia, and even death in some cases.

chained dog law

Animals depend on us for everything from food, water, and shelter to keeping them safe and happy—and the law now recognizes that that includes not leaving them to shiver in the cold: – PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch

This new law also includes the details of what an adequate shelter must contain if your dog remains outdoors. All outdoor dogs, tethered or not, must have access to an insulated bed that protects them from frigid wind and all other extreme weather. They must also have access to food and water that is protected from freezing, or from weather that can soil these sources.

chained dog law

If a dog does not have an insulated shelter or protection from harsh weather, the pet parent can face harsh fines and other penalties. PETA and the Humane Society of the United States both recommend contacting your local authorities if you see a direct violation of this law, as the dog’s life could be at risk.

If you have any questions about keeping a dog warm in the winter, you can refer to the Humane Society of the Unites States’ cold weather guide. If you see a dog in need in your area, be sure to contact local authorities on what to do next!

Thank goodness and why have a dog of you’re going to leave it outside?



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