Hearts melt as young boy picks old, deaf shelter dog to be his new best friend


Unfortunately, there can be a time for families when they’re no longer able to care for their pets and have to leave them behind. Shey, an adorable 14-year-old miniature poodle, was taken in by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa after his family moved away and could no longer care for him.

The senior pup was dealing with a number of difficulties and health issues, almost all of them due to his senior age. The four-footer is completely deaf and is also blind in one eye.

The shelter staff figured that Shey would have a very, very hard time getting adopted. as Shey was in the shelter for months constantly being rejected by families because of his medical condition as well as his age.

Until one day, a young boy Tristan arrived at the shelter along with his mom: They wanted a dog that loved to cuddle.

Shey was an absolutely perfect match and the two fell in love with each other from the very beginning.

Due to his condition, Shelter needed some special care, but Tristan was more than willing to provide him with that.

Now that Tristan and Shey are together, they can’t stop snuggling and cuddling together and it’s about the most adorable thing ever.


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