Former Guard Dog Whose Nose Was C.u.t Off Finds A Foster Family Who Showers Him With Love

He l.o.s.t his nose. Then his job. But never his hope.
So thankful for the people who are helping him.

Everyone, meet Anubis! Anubis used to be a guard dog on a certain property in Cairo.

And just like any good guard dogs, Anubis would bark at the people who get too close to the property. However there are some really bad people in that area. They tried to break in to the property. So Anubis, being the good guard dog that he is, barked at them. Those c.r.u.el people then c.u.t off Anubis’ nose.

Anubis was left without a nose. And with that, he l.o.s.t his job. He was suffering in the streets. Sometimes he was seen sleeping under a car. Anubis desperately needed someone to save him.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Thankfully, there are still some kindhearted people in this c.r.u.e.l world. A local organization named the Animal Protection Foundation, came to help him.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Then another organization, (SNARR) a US-based group, came to rescue Anubis.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

SNARR was able bring Anubis to the United States. And then he was moved to Tennessee and then to Fort Worth, Texas.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

It was a long journey, He received a lot of love during every stop. That journey led to Anubis’ new life.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Anubis was able to find a loving family who will foster him long-term. And having a family who loves him, gives him shelter and food has been the happiest moment of his entire life.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Anubis may be a foster failure, because the family is super in love with him. And Anubis loves the family’s blind rescue dog too.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

We are so glad that after everything he went through, Anubis is finally, safe, happy, and loved.

God bless the family who came to his rescue and adopted him! To the person(s) who did this. Almighty God WILL deal with you!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

So glad he has a loving home now. 😥❤ ❤ ❤


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