So touching…! Elephant can’t wait to touch her trunks with daughter and granddaughter after 12 years apart…


They are kept away from their herd and family for a long time and are given a chance to meet them. Is there anything better in this life?

So touching…! That is so sweet. We are glad they will be together again. Elephants are one so favorite animals.

Every reunion is precious, family or friend. A lot of emotions burst out and happy tears are shed at that moment.
Today’s story is about the emotional reunion of 3 generations of an elephant family: Pori the grandmother, 39. Tana the daughter, 19. and Tamika and Elani the granddaughters, 4 and 1. The mother and the daughter have been separated for 12 years. When they met again, they can’t wait to touch their trunks to each other.

Although the two haven’t been together for quite a long time, they still realize each other. They greet each other right from their enclosures. The family has a special connection that doesn’t fade away over time.

Elephants live in family groups, they are highly intelligent and social. They were kept apart for all those years. That a wonderful thing to think that that many years of separation they would know each other.
It is good news that they are together again 🐘🐘🐘

Can’t imagine the [tra.uma & a.ban.donment] these [po.or] creatures have en.dured. They are intelligent & have feelings & emotions.

This particular family reunion happens at the Bergzoo in the eastern city of Halle. The grandmother elephant was transferred from her former home in Berlin to this zoo for the reunion. It follows a part of EEP, a conservation breeding program that enables captive animals to see their herds again.

In the future, all elephant herds zoos should be cared for in such natural family structures.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🐘🐘💕

I so wish we were humane enough to know that just like us many animals stay with families for a very long time and we often separate moms and dads from babies, etc.

  • Watch the heartwarming story in video below:

H/t: Mail Online


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