Tra.umati.zed dog with all over her body can’t believe she is finally rescued


Finally ❤🥺

Every day another rescue organization, Redland rock pit Dog Project, takes food out to The Redlands to feed the strays.

They give out around 350 pounds of food to the 100 dogs that roam in that area – can you imagine?

One day, when the groups were handing out food, Harper approached them in a group of five other dogs.

As soon as she got close, Harper just dr.op.ped to the ground – she was te.rr.if.ied. Natalie saw all the s.c.ars on Harper’s body and knew that they couldn’t leave her there. She was taken to the and tre.ated for her phy.sical [wo.rms, a tooth in.fe.ction, and an.em.ia].

The psychological wo.unds would need a lot more time to fix.
Natalie said: Harper didn’t move much for three days. Maybe Harper finally feels safe and just isn’t sure how to relax, yet.
Here you can see Harper holding on for dear life!

This child has another chance at life 💜👏 Thank you for rescuing this precious fur baby. 😘😢🐾🐾🥇

God bless this wonderful dog and her rescuer!!! I hope she is adopted into a very loving, and caring home…where they are loved!

I hope this is the start of a great new life for this most deserving dog…! ❤💙♥💖


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