Clydesdale & Labrador Puppy Reunite In New Heartfelt Budweiser Commercial


The horse and puppy first became friends in a 2014 commercial called ‘Puppy Love’.

It’s been a difficult past few months for bars and restaurants across the country. Now that many are starting to reopen, Budweiser is celebrating the return of grabbing a drink with a buddy by reuniting some adorable furry friends.

In the beer brand’s new “Reuniting with Buds” commercial, Budweiser’s famous Clydesdale horses and an adorable Labrador retriever puppy each travel from afar to meet up — presumably after spending the last several weeks social distancing responsibly.

This furry friend is horsing around in Budweiser's new ad celebrating the return of bars.

The spot begins with a Budweiser sign flickering back to life, followed by a beautiful Clydesdale horse leaping over a fence, then breaking into a run as the puppy peeks his head out from a bale of hay.

The animals run towards each other as a bartender is seen drying a glass, signifying the return to a “new normal” that Americans have been anticipating throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, the horse and puppy friends are reunited

The iconic Clydesdale and cute Labrador first met in a 2014 Super Bowl spot called ‘Puppy Love’, where the animals’ budding friendship began.

As the entire country slowly starts to reopen and share this very same excitement of getting together.

Watch for yourself in the video below, and click here to see Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ commercial:


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