Cat is So Happy When Woman Comes Back to Rescue Him After Life on the Street


A Good Samaritan found a stray cat curled up on the street. She called out to him, and he walked right up to her.

A tabby cat had been seen wandering the streets of Brooklyn, New York for quite some time. Gissell (@pawsofhopenyc), volunteer for NYCCC, went to find him and get him some food.

When she arrived, she saw the cat curled up in front of a homeless shelter. The tabby woke up to her voice and sauntered up to her for pets. He was extremely friendly and just wanted attention.

Gissell knew right away he didn’t belong on the street, and began a rescue mission to get him into a foster home.

When she returned to the same spot with a humane trap and more food, at first, she didn’t see the cat.

She called the tabby, and within seconds, he came running as if he was excited to see an old friend. “I’m here to get you today. Today is your day. You have waited long enough,” Gissell said to the tabby cat.

She brought him home and contacted Little Wanderers NYC, a local rescue group, for help.

He seems very grateful to be indoors which he expresses with loud purrs and making biscuits.

He loves to bury his head into chest or belly for full on cuddles, He is confident and elegant like a tiger

The sweet tabby no longer has to worry about food and shelter.

Watch his rescue journey in this bellow video:

H/T: Lovemeow


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