Broke Grad-Student Stole Neglected Pit Bull That Was Never Let Out Of Her Crate


Maddy is an amazing woman with an incredible heart.

Although she had to focus on studies, her mind always drifted to Rose and her awful situation.

When anyone brings a dog into their home, they are obligated to provide for that pet. It’s an unwritten promise that we never break! As dog owners, we are to love them unconditionally, feed them properly, play with them, and give them the best shelter possible.

This is Rose’s story…!

Rose was living a sad life with an ungrateful human. He kept her crated constantly and didn’t provide enough food and water. In fact, Rose’s mom Maddy who narrates the video, admits that Rose was kept crated for days in a row! Maddy pulled the guy aside and told him if he didn’t treat her better then he needs to find her a new home.

A few weeks later, not much had changed. Maddy did what she had to. She put Rose’s well-being first and that, folks, is how you treat a dog!

Maddy decided she would foster Rose until she could find the perfect family. As soon as Rose got to Maddy’s house, she realized she could now run and play, and live like a real dog!
Now Maddy just had to work on getting her healthy. She increased her calorie intake and before long, Rose began looking like a healthy Pit Bull.

To see her happily enjoy new foods, warmed Maddy’s heart. How anyone could deprive such a loving animal is something we will never comprehend.

Maddy says that at the time she was pretty much a broke grad student. She knew keeping a dog like Rose, who would need a lot of attention, wouldn’t be the right thing. But… Rose didn’t agree!

Rose was relentless and used her charm to ‘worm’ her way into Maddy’s heart. It’s really the dog that adopts the human. And that’s how it was for Rose “now nicknamed Rosie”.

They live happily together, enjoying a wonderful life. Maddy is a true hero; she saved Rose from her horrible life.

You can’t miss this story! It’ll give you all those good feels you crave. Pass this along so others can learn just how special the breed can be!

The video Rosie’s journey is a must-watch!


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