Blind Dog Gets Eye Surgery And Sees Her Owner For The First Time


Seeing her owners for the first time was an emotionally overcharged moment. <3

It is a very touching and heartwarming video that features a formerly blind dog being able to see their owner for the first time. It’s a beautiful reminder to cherish our dogs’ health since we often take for granted things such as perfect vision.

Olive is a cocker spaniel from Palma de Mallorca in Spain. She was rescued by her owners as a blind stray. Despite her disability, her owners gave her a fulfilling and loving home life. That is when the couple decided that they would help Olive see again by getting her an eye surgery that would help to correct her blindness.

The surgery ended up being a success, and after three years of blindness, Olive was able to walk out of her vet’s office with a brand-new lease on life. The happy pooch was both amazed by her new eyesight, and also stupefied by all the new sights to behold. While she was excited to get to see the world around her, the one thing that really got the little pooch overjoyed were her owners. Seeing them for the first time sent her little tail into a wagging overdrive. It was an emotionally charged moment to witness.

The world was truly a big place for her to explore. And we have no doubt she’s made the most of her new-found sight. Hopefully, this video will remind us all to be thankful for our sight – it truly is a gift to be able to see the beautiful world that is out there.

As amazing as this story is, the precious pup ultimately lost her eyes in the end please consider rescuing a dog with special needs. Good luck with Olive.☺💟💙

Watch the precious video below:


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