Army Soldier Helped Through Difficult Deployment by Rescue Kitten Working to Bring Cat to U.S


In case you needed your faith in humanity restored…. I know I did!

Veteran Cat

Army Sergeant Ash met the kitten when the cat was ill and just a week old, and helped nurse the animal back to health

During a recent deployment in the Middle East, Army Sergeant Ash received di.ffi.cult family news. Separated by thousands of miles from her friends and family, the news hit Sgt. Ash especially hard. She credits a stray kitten she met during her deployment for comforting her through this emotionally wrenching period.

The kitten, a calico Sgt. Ash named Rona, was near d.e.a.t.h when she encountered the Army soldier. Sgt. Ash nursed the feline back to health, and in exchange, Rona comforted Sgt. Ash through her heartache.

Veteran Cat

Sgt. Ash will soon return to the United States and she is understandably desperate to bring the adoring kitten with her.

We know all too well how important and lifesaving these pets are to our soldiers stationed in the Middle East, Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, said in a statement. We will make every effort to bring Rona home to her, but we need the public’s support to help make it happen.

Sgt. Ash and Rona met thanks to the army soldier’s roommate, who worked for a veterinarian on base and introduced the pair after Rona, then a sickly week-old kitten, was brought into the vet. Sgt. Ash committed herself to the kitten’s health and provided around-the-clock care for the animal, including helping her through several close calls. Once the kitten emerged from her health battles alive and strong, Sgt. Ash decided to name the cat Rona.

Veteran Cat

Once she overcame being sick, she decided to name her Rona, which was after the coronavirus, because she felt that the virus is tough to fight, and Rona had put up a great fight, Guardians of Rescue shared in a release.

We saved each other and we belong together. I pray that Guardians of Rescue will be able to bring Rona home to the States, where we can live out our lives together. I’m grateful for their help.

I think the soldiers have been through quite enough, the least we could do is allow them to bring their pets home with them!


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