Adorable police K-9 ‘rui_ns’ staff photo-op with partner by smothering him with love


The dog didn’t ruin anything, showin nothin but love for his partner!
We think it made them better.

It doesn’t matter if your dog’s a working dog, service animal, therapy dog, or just a plain ol’ pet. When they love their owners, they are going to let it show. This is a little fact that Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Conservation Officer, Levi Knach, just learned for himself after trying to get a decent photo with his police K-9, Kenobi.

Kenobi isn’t just Knach’s K-9 partner, though.
Knach is Kobi’s human in all respects of the word, and just like any loyal K-9 with their human, Kenobi loves to shower Knach with as many kisses as he can when they aren’t chasing down the criminals together.

Recently, when Kenobi and Knach were called to sit for a professional photoshoot together, the Conservation Officer learned that when Kenobi wants to give him loves, the best thing to do is just let him.

The end result of Knach’s lesson from his faithful K-9 friend are both adorable and hysterical.

All that this K-9 wants to do is give some loves to his human, cameras be damned!

Trying to earn some affection back from Knach, Kenobi starts showering him with big, sweet dog kisses.

In order to become a police K-9, Kenobi had to undergo the same, rigorous, ongoing training as the other dogs in the unit. That being said, Kenobi seems to also understand the difference between working hours and being “off the clock”.

When the lovable K-9 knows he isn’t working, he wastes no time in getting down to the business of being a big ol’ furbaby.

Sometimes, that apparently applies to desk duties.
Even though Kenobi knows when he is off the clock, learning to determine when his partner, Knach, is off the clock doesn’t seem to come as easy.

Knowing what a brave, hard-working pair they are, we don’t blame Kenobi one bit for forcing his partner to stop and take a break to laugh throughout his workday.

Kenobi and Knach make one heck of an amazing team together.

A dogs love NEVER ruins anything,love him in the pic with his partner 💕


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