A woman lets stray dogs into her store to rest and freshen up with food and water


That great…!

When you are in the middle of a pandemic and you are forced to close your store for a lack of customers, you wonder what you can do for others at a time like this. If the coronavirus epidemic has taught us something positive, it maybe this: Solidarity and mutual aid are the heart of a society that fights against inequalities and conflicts.

If we weren’t already used to being nice and helping others, including animals. Shopkeeper Patricia Somohano has decided to make sense of the opening of her store in Cholula, near Puebla in Mexico, at least for the poor animals who suffered from the heat near the store.

The woman allowed a few stray dogs to come into her shop and cool off with water and food. The store floor turned out to be very cool and the dogs took the opportunity to take a nap.

Even the big dogs seem to have respected the famous physical distance: They are all well separated from each other, occupying part of the storage space.

There are so few customers these days that dogs certainly don’t get in the way of anyone. A gesture of compassion, which the woman considered to be the only thing to do in an off-peak period.


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