Kind monkey finds str.ay puppy on the streets and decides to adopt him

October 1, 2021

  Ooh how lovely ❤️ If only all humans could show such love kindness and compassion...! Love animals so so much, they are undoubtedly the...

The Henry Doorly Zoo welcomed a new addition to their giraffe herd

September 29, 2021

  A new baby giraffe... On Saturday, Betty Francis, a 10-year-old giraffe living at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Neb., gave birth to a...

Orp.haned baby squirrels find comfort in an unlikely foster cat mom and now they’re inseparable

September 25, 2021

  We still have a lot to learn from animals ❤️🙏🥰🐾 In an incredibly selfless act, a cat adopted four orphaned baby squirrels and takes...

Woman gives elderly possum a place to stay in her garage

September 20, 2021

  What a nice act of kindness 😍❤ No one needs to fear a possum. They will not hu.rt you, they do not ca.rry ra.bies....

This Colorful Rosy Maple Moth Is an Eye-Catching Garden Visitor

September 20, 2021

  The color of this insect is brilliant. 🌏💚 The rosy maple moth, going with the scientific name as Dryocampa Rubicunda, will surely be taken...


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