Using The Most Popular Electric Toothbrush

Some people think when a product is popular needs to be good. However, I never go for that, except when I bought one of the most popular electric toothbrushes. I bought it because I was never able to find the best electric toothbrush for me.

By checking the electronic toothbrush reviews I was so impressed that I couldn’t resist not buying it. So, the moment I read enough reviews I bought the electric brush on online store. It took three days to come and I was very impatient. When I saw it, I thought maybe I would be the only person that will leave a bad review for the toothbrush. I was wrong. I am actually going to tell you that it is truly the best electronic toothbrush I have ever had.

Benefits from the toothbrush that everyone will get

As all other models of the toothbrush is based on a wonderful sonic technology. The main point of this technology is for the toothbrush to work on a high speed. It is whipping up the saliva between my teeth so to remove the plague, which other toothbrushes can’t do.
31,000 brush strokes in a minute, this is on how much the handset works. This makes it a powerful brush that is able to remove stains too. It is just like I read in the reviews.

We are all aware that having a healthy tooth is provided by removal of the plague. The brush I bought is removing two times more plaque than the manual toothbrush.

There are many electric toothbrushes that you can choose from. There are brushes that won’t provide you with a good cleaning. Some of them are promising 15% removal of bacteria. But to be sure don’t make the mistake for not reading reviews. I never believed them but I was wrong. I hope won’t affect me in a bad way. Have your eyes wide open when choosing the right toothbrush for you.

Timers build in the electronic toothbrush

The toothbrush has a timer that is letting me know for how long I have brushed them. Also, it is telling me on which section I need to concentrate more.

In order to give your teeth the best care and to clean them in the best way you mustn’t ignore the signs that the toothbrush is giving you. You will have great benefits from it.

Let Your Electronic Toothbrush To Be Your Teacher

If there anything that it was hard and complicated to learn was brushing teeth. Why? I have heard different advices about how to brush my teeth correctly, and so I got very confused about it. So, I learned about an electronic toothbrush that is very good and it can teach you how to brush your teeth. At first, I thought it was a funny joke until I took action and bought the electronic toothbrush. It wasn’t a toothbrush made from the best technology, but the best thing was that it will give you a lesson on how to brush your teeth perfectly.

Learn from the toothbrush

With the brush, I got a wireless guide which is a small display that you can put it on the bathroom shelf. It will be connected with the brush wirelessly and it will detect how correctly you are brushing the teeth.

Don’t miss what will be shown on the display. It will tell you everything exactly like, for how long are you brushing in some section, when to change a section and it will tell you if you have brushed your teeth long enough.

As I said earlier, everyone says differently. Doctors usually give advice to brush the teeth for 2 minutes, but the facts are changing. Now there is a study that shows it is not enough time for adults. But, with the brush I bought I wasn’t thinking about that because the brush knows what is best for my teeth.

Another thing that the display will warn you about is if you brush your teeth too hard. Most of us think if we give more force it will become cleaner, but it is the opposite. Brushing your teeth too hard can cause permanent damage and also discoloring during the process. So, I did that mistake too, and I wasn’t aware that it was a mistake. But the display warned me with a red light.

When am finished with brushing my teeth I get marks out of five so to tell how well I have brushed them. If you manage to get the highest mark, five, you will be giving your teeth a perfect clean. Luckily, it didn’t take long for me to get almost every day a five mark.

You will improve your brushing

Even that I was confused about not knowing how correctly to brush my teeth I was still doing well. Anyway, there is always room for improvement. When I got the brush, it was the time when I realized I was giving more attention to my bottom teeth that to the upper teeth. With the display, I was able to adjust quickly. I am still using the display as my guide, but I am spending equal time for all my teeth.

I can definitely say that is the best electronic toothbrush, because not just it though me how to clean my teeth perfectly but it is a well made device. It is very easy to grip and it is reassuringly sturdy.

It has a battery indicator and it has an LED light to warn you if you are brushing too hard which is good for when you stop using the display. This means I got benefits even if I don’t use the guide display.

I have read many electronic toothbrush reviews which were right. Choosing between best electronic toothbrushes is not hard when you know what you need and what your teeth need to stay beautiful, clean and shiny. Think what you need and you will know which ne will be best for you.


Cheap And Still Professional Electric Toothbrush

I have always been a money saver, but surprisingly I was always able to find high quality stuff for less money. It was the same thing when I decided to start using an electronic toothbrush. I found very cheap and still professional electronic toothbrush. For less money, I got the best electronic toothbrush on the market.

Rotations and Oscillates

The toothbrush has been on the market for many years and it is getting new models too. It is built on 3D cleaning technology; it is a fancy name which is used for the oscillation and also rotating motion of the brush head. This oscillating and rotating motion are very important for cleaning your teeth.

One of the advantages I got from this motion combination of the brush head is that removes more than 10% plaque than the usual brushes and also reduce for 17% gum bleeding.
It is part of the best electronic toothbrushes because it rotates 8,800 times per minute and oscillates 40,000 for one minute.

What I got

Because it is a cheaper package it has basic stuff inside. There are the handset, free brush head, and a charger. But inside the box I found a code that I used it online and I got a longer warranty which makes it even cooler.

Maybe it is cheaper, but it is solid and it is made well. It is not hard to hold. It is slim, so it fits well into the hand. It is not heavy and it is easy to grip. Anyway, the quality is very good and it is definitely enough to be placed in one of the top electric brushes.


One thing that I was very surprised was why the toothbrush needed a long time to be charged fully. I have seen that my husbands’ shaver takes about 60 minutes to be charged and for the brush hours and hours. The brush is actually charging long, especially when charged for the first time. When I put it on a charger for the first time it needed 18 hours. But at least it was great I could use the brush for a few weeks with one charging. Of course, if you are using the handset with someone else the lasting time will be reduced. For a single person, the time is perfect.

A good battery is one simple thing that it is not that important for a toothbrush. Well, the important part is how good taking care of the teeth is. Thankfully, I got the best cleaning ever.
I can’t express how I love the round, small, rotating head of the brush. It is so precise that is taking care of all crannies and nooks in my mouth. I am experiencing a smooth feeling when I run my tongue over my teeth after I am finished with brushing them.
But if you don’t want to go for a cheap and still professional toothbrush a great way is to read electronic toothbrush reviews. It will help you in finding what you need.